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Capturing the angst of the 21st Century with Karen Langley’s sharply observed lyrics, laced with the manically haunting guitars of Rob Williams and Jon Sharp on drums (plus guest musicians), BABAL deliver a thought provoking, barbed performance that defies categorization.

BABAL reveal a dystopian, offbeat view of life; their cinematic, psych/art-rock approach calling up comparisons with Talking Heads , Zappa, Beefheart, Hendrix, Primus, Bent Knee and Patti Smith among many. The band have gathered great responses around the UK and Europe and have also played live soundtracks for Alternative Cinema presentations.

Karen Langley’s' dark edged lyrics and powerfully fluid vocals soar over groove-driven soundscapes and changing moods, enmeshed with blistering guitars from Rob Williams.

Existential, esoteric and serving up innovative avant-garde symphonies of beauty and passion between slices of rich vocals and stunning guitars, BABAL’s music is underpinned by great bass and drums. BABAL switch easily between dark, light, grey and dazzling.

The band move seamlessly through improvisation, taut accuracy, poetic fusion, political satire, eccentricity and authentic raw power.

Each BABAL member is a virtuoso; united they create a critical mass of presence that is unlike any other band.

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